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Getting serious about your readers, your rankings, and best of all, your results?
Think about this for a second:
Just 9.37% of EVERYTHING published on the world wide web is actually read.
If you Want to be In the 9.37% You'll Need:

Great Content

SEO Optimised Content

Engaging Content

Well-Researched Content

A Content Strategy

SEO Optimised Content

Let us do what we do best, whilst you focus on the rest.

Here are a few options for you:

Trusted by all-sized businesses.

Powered by the best freelancers.

Let’s show you why so many brands and agencies trust The Traffic Doctors to fulfil their content creation requirements.

For Agencies, Marketers & SEOs

Rank Higher

We do more than just write content, Our emphasis is on SEO copywriting strategies, competitive data, and conversion-copy tactics.

Fast Turnaround

Expect a 4-6 business day turnaround for projects under 10,000 words, Our TAT for larger orders is quite impressive

Quality Assurance

Our writers are thoroughly vetted. All of our content passes through a 26 step editing process and is quality checked.

Our Process Will Rank your content
From initial ideas - right through to publication - we take care of it all

SERP Analysis

If you rely on old school keyword research alone – you won’t rank  – this just won’t ‘cut it’ anymore. We analyse all the top performing web pages, and measure their keyword phrase density by comparing it to the article or webpage we’re writing.

Our unique Traffic Doctors Algorithm will turbocharge your content

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the cornerstone of online copywriting. Without it, you’re relying on an ‘Act of God’ to get your copy in front of your audience.

Our team of keyword researchers analyse the competition and make sure you’ll rank for multiple keywords – exponentially increasing your traffic.



Your cheapest content is your most expensive content if no one reads it. Your Copy is your frontline, it tells people about your brand – it has to be exceptional… period. We have a team of great Native English writers from all backgrounds, but they have two things in common… They are talented. And they are creative.

Give them a subject and they immerse themselves, they research, they learn, then they organise it into what you will recognise as – superlative copy.


A 26 step first edit process and a 10 step second edit process guarantees NOTHING is left to chance. Our work will be upload-ready – don’t bother reading it if you don’t want to –  simply take our copy and upload it for publication.

Traffic Doctors’ copy will keep your readers entertained – and more importantly – on page for longer.

Google will love you.

SEO Optimisation

Searcher Intent is just a fancy term for writing copy to suit what your readers are looking for.

The way your page is optimised can have a huge impact on its ability to rank. Every piece of content we write, will go through our 48 point check list before edit. We deal with all on page SEO and Searcher intent. 


Its the click of a button – you can do it yourself, or you can rely on the experts to pull the trigger when your page is fully locked and loaded and ready to go with optimised engaging copy and high performing on-page metrics…

Design & Formatting

Your pages must look good. Shallow perhaps, but true. A simple but well-designed table or a beautifully laid out review or buyers guide will capture your readers’ attention.

Traffic Doctors will  format the content and supply copyright free images – meaning your site looks better and pulls in the searches.

Hire the Traffic Doctors

skill and expertise At Your Fingertips

Find the best freelancers using advanced search, casting calls, or AI powered matching. They’re all screened, proven professionals star rated by performance and customer reviews.











Premium content, affordable pricing

Why Trust Us?

We write superlative SEO-optimised content at scale, with minimal effort on your end.

We’ve done all the proper vetting, hiring, assessing, and training necessary to be a professional asset.

Let us be an extension of your team!

Bulk Content Writing Options

One-off orders for bulk content delivery.

See what’s included.

Monthly Subscription


1,000 words




10,000 words




30,000 words



Bulk Orders


10,000 words




30,000 words




50,000 words



What do you need written?

Schedule a call with us and we’ll help you build a content strategy using our unique Traffic Doctors Algorithm. Sit back and watch the Traffic come. Time and again.

See How Your
Website Measures Up!

See How Your
Website Measures Up!