Complete Pay Per Click Management Services

Complete Pay Per Click Management Services

Ever lay awake at night wishing you could flip a button - and drive phone calls and sales leads to your business?
And better still…
... then switch them off when you’ve got too many sales enquiries to handle?
See How Your
Website Measures Up!

Pay Per Click

Management Services

With our PPC campaigns, you can do just that… 

Our Data Driven Audit will assess your online competition, show us which channels to use to achieve your business goals, and advise on a suitable budget to enable effective competition in your market.

To effectively track your conversions, we’ll set up online conversion tracking and phone call tracking so we can see just how well your PPC campaigns are performing and make adjustments as needed.

This is our

proven process:


Management Services

Add Negatives:

We’ll help you eliminate wasted spend by identifying search queries that are not relevant to your Ad Group, Campaign or Business.

Add Keywords:

We’ll use actual search queries to identify NEW profitable long tail keywords to add to your account, increasing relevancy and lowering CPC.

Keyword Ideas:

Struggling to find the next top keywords? We’ll help you find new keywords related to YOUR business.

Optimize Ads:

We’ll help you identify under-performing ads and help you create new expanded text ads.

Optimize Bids:

We’ll monitor keywords performance and let you know when a bid should be increased or decreased in order to manage your ROI.

Review Costly:

Make sure your click costs are in line with your goals. We’ll let you know when we see a keyword with higher costs and lower returns than your account average.

Pause Duplicates:

Keywords that appear in multiple ad groups in the same campaign can drive up costs! We’ll identify competing keywords on a weekly basis to eliminate increased cost.

Best Practice Check:

We’ll make sure all of your campaigns are taking advantage of key features like Sitelinks, Callouts, and Call extensions and let you know if they are not!

See How Your
Website Measures Up!

See How Your
Website Measures Up!