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With end-to-end SEO, from content creation to technical optimization.The beauty of SEO (if you get the right agency) is you spend the dollar once and you reap the rewards ‘forever’. Once we’ve optimised your page and it’s in the Google rankings it will stay there and will generate a predictable flow of buyers to your website ready to engage with your product or service. With paid search – once your money has gone, it’s gone.

Every profitable business HAS to have the correct SEO strategy – but 83% don’t. This is where you can dominate your competition.

Traffic Doctors have a proven strategy – based on our 325 years of collective experience – in fact 80% of our clients are SEO agencies who white label our services as their own, as we are leading experts in our field.

How We Do SEO For Smart Business Owners

FREE Data Driven Audit
Set Up Website & Data Analytics
Server Set Up & Optimise For Site Speed
Fixing Your Site
On Page SEO - Analysis & Improvement
Off Page SEO - Building Quality Links
Phase 01

FREE Audit

Here’s where we pull back the curtain and show you what is working and what is broken with our free website, SEO Audit. With a ‘no-stone-left-unturned’ approach we will give you a written summary of the key problem areas which you can take away and use at your discretion. Or, better still, engage someone that knows what they’re doing (like us), to catapult you to dominate your competition. Here’s the process:

Phase 02

Set Up Website & Data Analytics

Congratulations, you’re now working with The Traffic Doctors. This phase is where we get your site working the way it should be, and your marketing planned out to meet your business goals. From setting up your analytics – fixing what’s broken, and getting your site ready so it can be optimised for the Google algorithm.

You now have your own elite digital marketing team of 4-6 specialists ready to start work.

Website Setup & Review
Analytics Set Up & Review
Phase 03

Server Set Up - Optimising Site Speed

Nobody likes a slow site. Not only does it mean a poor user experience, but it will also adversely affect your rankings.

Desktop and mobile experiences are quite separate – and in many cases, sites are not optimised for mobile use.

With Traffic Doctors – our technicians will finely tune your site and make sure it’s firing on all cylinders.

Phase 04

Fixing Your Site Problems

This is like the free audit but on steroids. The scoping document will list out all the issues you have with your site – we now need to get all the technical issues of the website fixed. We will move you over to a brand new custom built licenced site and in the process, all these issues will be fixed…

Phase 05

Local SEO Set-Up (Optional Add-On)

Whether you’re looking for local trade or not, make sure you’re seen before your competitors.

Dominate your local area and blow your competitors out of the water with our Local SEO setup.

Phase 06

Analysis & Improvement of Current ‘Top Performing’ Pages

In the next stage, we will look at the lowest hanging fruit and the easy wins that we can make right now to improve the ranking of your current pages.

The quickest win is to optimise your current traffic – this is where many website designers fall short – they concentrate on design rather than conversion. On the other hand – Traffic Doctors build sites based on Google’s Algorithm, conversion optimisation, and user experience.

Next, we’ll put in place your strategic plan to increase leads, sales, and traffic.

Phase 07

Content Creation

Most people write on a whim without any strategy and just hope they will rank. We work with you on your content strategy every month and using our proprietary Traffic Doctors’ Algorithm we guarantee you will rank, and generate traffic for these articles.

Phase 08

Link Building

White hat, quality links only. The Traffic Doctors will outreach to Authority sites in your niche and negotiate link placements on your behalf.

We have relationships with several high-quality websites and, thanks to our positioning in the market, we’re able to negotiate link placement opportunities with high ranking quality websites that will exponentially increase your website traffic.

Phase 09


Everything that can be measured can be improved.

Here’s where you get 100% transparency to see the results in our Traffic Doctors monthly reports. This will cover areas from your traffic to individual page ranking to your reputational management – and more.

What you get: Transparent, detailed, and factual analysis that focuses on aspects that you’re identifying to us as being most meaningful to your organisation.

This will comprise three components:

Marketing Tiers







See How Your
Website Measures Up!

See How Your
Website Measures Up!